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Healing Testimonies from within the US:


“I had a ruptured disk in my lower back with stabbing pain due to a work injury and I was unable to bend over.  I can bend completely over and touch the floor, which I have been unable to do for ten years.”   Carrie Hastings, Howell,MI

“I fell on the ice four years ago and shattered my collar bone and damaged my right shoulder.  I now have no pain and full movement.”  Bob Scheich,  Denver, CO

“I was wearing hearing aids in both ears due to hardening of ear drums from childhood ear infections.  I haven’t been able to hear sermons for a long time, but now I hear Father speaking without my hearing aids.”   Beverly Pruitt,  Howell, MI

“I had lower back problems due to an injury and could not bend down.  I am now able to bend all the way down and put my palms onto the ground.”  Tom Michel, Cinti., OH

“I had a rotator cuff problem due to playing baseball.  I now have a full range of motion without any pain.”   Ernie Bodine,  Howell, MI

“I could not walk due to a rheumatoid arthritis and now I can walk!”  Philomena Vitale, Howell,MI

“I had macular degeneration in my left eye caused by genetics.  I can now see colors and there is no difference between my left eye and my healthy right eye.”  Iris Alvarez,  Arvada, CO

“I had back pain/break due to an airplane accident.  I can now bend and the knot in the center of my back is gone!”  Mary Prout,  Denver, CO

“I had four degenerated disks in neck and torn meniscus in both knees due to injuries in my life.  No pain!  I came in wearing a neck brace.”  D’Marie Jacques, Denver, CO