Prayer of Surrender II

Posted on April 11, 2016 by newadmin in Prayers

I now place myself under the cross of Jesus Christ and cover myself with his most Precious Blood.  I surround myself with the light of Christ, and say in the Name of Jesus that nothing shall interfere with the Lord’s work being accomplished in my life.  Holy Spirit, Divine Link, who does unite Father and Son in a most intimate bond of love, pour forth all the fullness of your gifts on my poor soul.  I solemnly consecrate myself to you forever, so that you may be my instructor, director and master.  I humbly ask of you, fidelity to all your desires and inspirations, and a full and loving surrender to your divine action.  Holy Spirit, please show me any way that Satan has hold on me.  Today, I let go of all those ways & reclaim any territory that was handed over to Satan & I now place it under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.   Amen.

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